gratitude week

well, here we are!
thanksgiving week.
gratitude week.

i didn’t get much sleep last nite.
and i was feeling edgy this morning.
bordering on cranky.

there’s a good start to gratitude week, huh?

actually, i kinda think it is.

so i ran a buncha errands and drove around under the sky
and thru the tree lined back streets.

and the day did just like it says above –
it wrapped its beauty right around me.

i don’t think i’ve ever really understood before
how much i need to have some kinda contact with the day,
every single day.
to see the sky and the trees and feel the air.

but it’s really sinking in how much i need that.
and this morning i really really did.
i’m kinda wondering if this is true for every
single one of us. and we just forget.

so while it wasn’t a big long hike in the mountains,
it was a beautiful drive back from the grocery store.
i took the long, back way.
at one point you can see the river in the distance.
it’s beautiful.
i soaked it in.

this is really a good time of year for thanksgiving, isn’t it?
it feels so perfectly right.
and when i stop,
and i soak it in,
i can’t help but feel grateful.

life isn’t perfect.
never will be.
some big hurts come up this time of year.
as well as plenty of good stuff –
if we let it.

the best way i know to open the door
to that good stuff is gratitude.

not feelin’ it?
maybe get out under that sky.
soak it in.
talk to a tree.

the season is profound.
let’s open to its depths.