good men

good men.
i know a lot of ’em.

and i have asked some that i admire if they feel lumped into
one big category of some kinda negative.
something like ‘men suck.’ or ‘man=bad.’
something like that.

and they have told me yes they do!

how sad and yet unsurprising is that?!

we, as a society, seem to be good at doing that to groups of people!

it being father’s day weekend,
i just wanted to pause and honor all good men.
fathers or not.
cause good men help us all grow.
good men make us more.
good men matter!

i know that it can be a complicated holiday for many.
not all had good fathers.
i understand that and respect that.

i just wanted to add one tiny voice to the din
reminding us that there are some really amazing
men in our midst. and we are so lucky to have them.

toasting you guys this weekend!
and appreciating you!