goals day by day…

with the arrival of spring,
i can feel a winter gray slipping off of me.
the desire to be fully awake is flowin’ thru me now.

thing is, my energy isn’t QUITE there yet.
comes and goes.
i know it just needs a little encouragement from me,
and it’ll be steadily back.
i’m doin’ all i can physically.
mentally, tho, i haven’t been sure what to do.

so as i drove along the other day i tried to figure out
what it was that made me feel really alive.
what was it that got my energy zappin’ around.

and i realized it was when i felt like i was following
an inner purpose…when i was offering something
that mattered to me…when i was doing work of the
heart……those are all times i feel very alive.

right now, a few things are up in the air for me,
and i’m not sure what direction some things are going
to be goin in.  or what it is i REALLY want to offer.
i’m kinda sifting thru all that and sorting.
spring cleaning inside, i guess.
so where does that leave me?
sorting  and cleaning doesn’t get my energy zappin’.

and then it came to me –

well, terri, you can have a DAILY goal until you
figure out just where you’re at overall. how about
setting a different goal every day? that way you don’t
feel tied down to one thing you’re not sure of,
and it can help you keep your energy moving?



i like that idea!

so i made little daily goal things that can stand on my desk.
i can write my goal on there along with a few other things.
and it can kinda gear up my intentions and keep me focused.
(if you get the weekly email, you’ll find a digital download in
there so you can do these too!)

i plan to have daily goals like –

follow my heart closely today.
find magic today.
offer love at every turn today.

things like that…..
i figure that’ll help get my energy zappin’…….
and may just end up helping with my inner sorting process
that i’m doing right now.

want to join me?
let’s do this!