mother’s day.
what a special day.
and i know…i know…
it can be really hard.
for a lot of reasons.

right now, at this moment,
i’m blessed in that it is a beautiful holiday for me.

and my gosh, did i ever enjoy it!

we filled it with all kindsa things.
every bit of it felt good.

two moments, in particular, though,
brought back the memories in an instant.

at one point, josh was fixing something for me.
he was outside, at my picnic table with a saw.
he was leaning over the piece he was sawing,
all intent on getting it right.

and that’s when i just leaned back and watched
and remembered.
we started the kids out really young with ‘real’ tools.
so he was probably about four in my memory.
he had a saw – not a power one like now,
but a hand saw, and he was concentrating hard on
making it all work right.

i remembered the boy,
looked at the man,
and can’t even describe the gratitude i felt for the journey
i was lucky enough to travel with this guy.

and then, later,
i looked out my living room window,
and all three of my guys were standing out on the street
talking to the young man who was visiting his own mom, my neighbor.
they were all kids together, all grew up together.
and there they were.
my neighbor’s son was there with his own little boy.
i just stopped and looked.

how does it work?
how do these years really fly by?
and how do these tiny little beings turn into incredible men?
all the while i keep growing older.

it’s beautiful.
it’s unnerving.
it’s amazing.
it’s bittersweet.

so many memories are tucked inside of me.
and at moments like that,
i am speechless with gratitude.

what a day it was.
one that i am still relishing today.

sometimes it’s important to realize how good you’ve got it.
right at this moment, i realize it.