so i’m a little weary.
or maybe more burnt out.

whatever it is,
it’s just kinda a shut down, close into myself feeling.

and while i know it’s from being a bit overdone,
and it woulda been nice to catch myself a bit before this point,
it’s okay.
good, even.
cause it’s pushing me to pay attention.

and looking at it all,
i don’t think i could have ‘fixed’ this for myself.
life just happens sometimes.
and that part feels good too – just knowing it is what it is.

at the moment, i have allowed myself to just take some time
to curl into myself and just be.
i call it ‘isolating.’

and then i saw the above image.
and nodded.
this is exactly what i need to be doing while i get quiet here.
this is exactly what my heart needs.

it’s nothing from anyone else.
it’s entirely from me.
it doesn’t require work.
it only requires a seeing myself
and an offering of understanding and compassion.

perhaps i’m not the only one in need of this today.
putting it out here for all of us who are just a little weary.
go gentle with your heart.
and wrap it softly in your love.