frustration and trust all mixed in together…

you know how it is when you see someone
hurting people you love needlessly?
just because they’re self absorbed
and unable to put another first? yeah. you do.
you want to kick them to the moon.

and i so so so want to do that right now.
but i know i can’t.
i know the entire thing is out of my control.
and my heart breaks watching the pain
inflicted so thoughtlessly.

there’s a lot of frustration there.
not just over that situation,
but over the gazillions of situations like it.
the ones i’ve watched.
the ones i’ve lived thru.

and well, maybe it actually is good i’ve lived thru some.
because i know first hand that you do grow and get stronger
and learn a ton.

and because of that,
under all the frustration
and very deep sadness
is a belief that the ones who are struggling
ultimately will gain along the way
and will ultimately become more of who they want to be.

certainly tho, they’re gaining that the hard way.

there really isn’t such a thing as an easy ride, is there?

so often i see unhealthy people create so much turmoil
around them all the while having no clue what they’re doing.
all the while they’re assuming it’s everyone else who’s out
of control.

it’s quite a thing to watch.
it’s quite a thing to live.

i’m working hard on focusing on the growth and the possibilities
with only an occasional break of visualizing sending a few
people to the moon.