love month.
a favorite of mine.

and this year,
more than ever,
one that i need.

of course,
every day should be about love.
of course it should.

but i have no problem
devoting a month to honoring it specifically
and reminding myself to work more and more
at loving.
in fact, i welcome it.

i am world weary.
and i know many others are as well.

there are times i have trouble
remembering and focusing on the good.

i always find my way back to it,
but there are moments i’m flat out on
the ground wondering if i even want to get up again.

and of course i do.
of course i do.
but GOSH, ya know?!

it’s hard!
and to actively try to be loving –
when there are times i really just wanna not –’s way way hard.
but um…
too darn bad, huh?

this is what we are here for.
i believe that.
and so we just keep moving forward.

i wanted to offer this in case you are
feeling some of the same stuff.

i’m so glad love month is here.
(and yeah, we’ve even started it a little early)

and as we go along –
getting knocked down –
and getting up again –
and getting knocked down –
and getting up again –
and getting knocked down –
and getting up again…

let’s remember – WE count too.
and SELF love is where it starts.
we can’t BE love til we love ourselves.

so let’s not forget the selfcare this month.
we matter.

sending you a very soft hug,
and wishing for peace in your heart as
you travel along in this weary world.

– terri