follow up

nothing like opening a can of worms, huh?

yeah, i opened up a few cans on facebook
and had to just stop trying to reply to comments.
i’m honestly not trying to change people’s thinking.
gosh, i’d love to. wouldn’t we all?
but i figure by now most of us know better.
so i’m not trying. honestly.

i am going to cut and paste what i posted this
morning on facebook and just leave that here.
there is mention in this of ‘comments’ – those
are referring to fb comments. not yours here.
i appreciated the two of you who supported me
yesterday. thanks for that.

i was just really proud of these guys.
and wanted to share.


okay. this is a two parter –
first one is why this is hard for me to post. i am going to tell you my honest feelings. i do not want/need your comments on my honest feelings, okay? no one needs to straighten me out or enlighten me. i am sharing them so you understand that i’m doing this even tho it’s hard. i do not have a ‘team’ that i want to win the election. and i believe that’s been a bonus for me as i honestly believe the team mentality blinds us. and i honestly believe there was indeed election fraud. a lot of it. i find it incredibly scary. and i find the lack of interest equally as scary. so that’s all whirling inside of me. and that is why this is so hard to post.

now. the post itself – wherever you are with this – and it’s yours to be where you are, just as i ask not to be straightened our or enlightened, i am returning the favor – wherever you are with this, it doesn’t come in to play with my point here. – we are ALL americans. and to watch americans stand up in front of others and share their stories – well, i find absolutely courageous. i see how nervous people are, some distressed, some upset, all stepping out of their comfort zones. i posted about this yesterday. well, today i have the clip of TWO truck drivers! (i had only seen one yesterday) and i love them both. if you look at this with any labels – other than american, i believe you are doing both yourself and them a disservice. if i ever had the guts to stand up and tell my truth in public like this, i would sincerely hope people wouldn’t label me without even hearing me, and certainly not afterwards. i would hope that someone somewhere would see my courage and maybe even step up and say ‘way to go.’ THAT is my point here. to say ‘way to go.’ – because that point got lost in yesterday’s comments, and because i am more disheartened today, i am going to just go ahead and delete comments that wander away from the point. even if they’re said with wonderful intent, okay? i don’t mean to offend you with deletes. i mean to honor these two truck drivers and ALL the americans i have seen who have stood up. i will keep the comments that do the same. take a peek! the second guy – when he talks about his trailer and how much he liked it….i just loved him so much!

click here for vid.