fleeting, but there…

this was so fleeting,
and i haven’t quite got it,
i saw it…

i had this moment.
i was really upset.
the kinda upset that would take awhile
to calm down from.
i closed my eyes.
and for some reason,
i asked myself ‘what is it you would like them to know?’
and i answered that question.
and i believed the answer.
and everything just went calm.

this big upset storm just went calm.


i have never ever experienced this before.

and i’ve been wondering –
is it enough that i know my truth?
if i truly know, then maybe there’s no other need?

is that possible?

lord knows i’m nowhere near comprehending this
let alone acting on it.
it was just something i bumbled into.

if one can bumble once…
and if one is a pretty good bumbler…
well, maybe i’ll bumble again and begin to see
a little more of whatever the heck this is that
i’m talking about.

i know.
sometimes i just shouldn’t write if i don’t know what
i’m writing about.

but then again…maybe you already know and i’m
reminding you.