i swear fireworks are like a darn spiritual experience for me.
i love them!
i love love love them.

and as i leaned my head back and watched all the colors and all the
stars – more stars than i ever remembered before –
exploding all over the place,
i kept thinking about the stars inside me.

i kept mixing the thoughts up –

some were about how we all have stars inside us and we gotta just
know that and tune into that and feel them shine….

and then some thoughts were about the different parts of me and how
i gotta stop hiding and let them just burst forth. how i have to believe
in them enough to stop hiding.

some thoughts were relating parts of myself to different colors and bursts.

some were just about wanting to reach out and pull these bursts right
inside of me, and then realizing my own bursts were even more incredible.

all thoughts were about the glory of who we were and of letting
that glory just be alive and explosive inside us.

i felt like crying at the end of the display.
crying in a good way.
i so needed the reminder.

i spent the rest of that evening and the next day with katy perry’s song in my head –
(click here if you want it running thru your head as well!)

baby, you’re a darn firework.