finding my ground…

taking today to be quiet
and just get grounded.

and no one speaks to my heart
and helps me find my ground
like mark nepo does.

this is a little bit from his book,
‘seven thousand ways to listen’ –

wanted to share….

“In my pain, I looked at my fellow patients surviving under their
invisible weights and at the soft and chiseled nurses tied to
removing those weights. In my pain, I realized that, indeed,
everyone is right – and everyone is hoping that the turned-over
card that God is holding on their behalf is an ace. But when
we are opened by suffering, a mix of humility and desperation
makes whatever card we hold glow so brightly that the faces of
Kings and Queens become our faces – and miraculously every face
holds everything. And whether we live or die, it becomes blessedly
clear that every one of us is a gift and every card an ace.’

i can’t read that without crying.
wanted to share…