finding a path…

so i realized something last nite.

if i don’t know how something is going to work out,
let me find at least one path that could work.
if i can figure out ONE thing that works,
even if it’s not what i’ll end up doing,
it offers me enough peace of mind
that i can open to possibilities easier.
and it opens me back up to hope.

i could explain to you what i’m talking about in my life,
but i feel like that would muddy the point.

i’m thinking this point might work in a lotta
different scenarios. so i want to leave my details out of it.

i feel discouraged when nothing looks like it’s
gonna work out for me the way i want.
so, okay, don’t we all?
then what?

well, then i get desperate and try to think outside
the box a bit. try to come up with a different idea.

it’s in that brainstorming that i usually can hit
on SOMETHING that will work. even if not ideal.

and maybe that’s enough.
maybe that’s all we need to do.
then we know we can breathe,
and sit back a little bit more and watch a little
bit more. and maybe that brings us back to trust.

i think for me it does, anyway.
i’d love it if i could just stay on the darn
trust train all the time.
but i don’t seem to be that skilled yet.
so i just saw this happen
and realized i need to keep it in mind.

just find a path, any path,
tuck that in your back pocket,
and then watch.

is that cheating in the trust department?
or is it being part of the process?

just know it worked for me just now.