find the beauty game!

so i made this little picture yesterday.
and it musta really gotten into my head.

i have started playing a game with it.
and i call the game….
you ready???
the find the beauty game!


i had the great fortune to bike on my local
rail trail early this morning.
and my goodness, it’s one of the most beautiful
places i know. i actually wanted to get married on it!
yeah, but um….not everyone wanted that.
but it’s just that beautiful!

and then i went to the grocery store later.
and i chose to go the back way so that i could…
yep! you got it –
find the beauty!!

and wow! not hard at all!
it’s perfect colors today…colors that just wrap around me
and heal something inside.

there were insects singing, trees waving –
i literally waved to one as i drove by as i know it was shouting
good things my way.

i need this right now.
i mean…
i NEED this right now.
so i’m in and i’m playing.

thought i’d mention it here in case you needed it too.
so far it’s been a delightful game.
wanna play?