find that centering place…

nothing makes me feel
as calm and centered
as when i putter around
in my yard.

each year, when spring comes back,
i remember how much just being in my yard affects me.

i’ve been headin’ out every evening,
with no particular plan in mind.
i just walk out to my plants and something always gets my attention,
and then boom!
i’m puttering and talking to the plants
and feeling more and more centered with each moment out there.

i stopped recently,
and wondered if i had anything that centered me in the winter.
ahhhhh yes.
my candles.
sitting with my candles in a spot that i’ve made mine.

cause i’m seeing something –
i really really need that place.
that place i can go and just sink into being.

where is yours?
when was the last time you went there?
let’s all find that centering place.
and let’s all go there as often as we can!

‘in my yard’