find a way to tap it!

i had the most amazing conversation
with my inner crone this morning.

i don’t know how it happens.
i just think of her, and there she is.
the 300 year old terri who has so much wisdom
to share and just always seems to tell me
just what i need to hear.

i realize not everyone is going to tap into
their inner wisdom in the same way that i do.
i’m sure there must be a gazillion ways to do this.
i just only know the one.

no matter how we access it,
i totally believe that every single one of us
has wisdom inside us.

what happened this morning was so powerful for me
that i just am filled with wanting to urge everyone to
find their own way to tap into their own stuff.

if you really believe there’s this fountain of wisdom
waiting for you to just ask – well, that’s a bit of life changer,
isn’t it?!

the trick for me is to remember to ask!

so thought i’d remind you.
and listen.