feelin’ the pull…

i think it’s the light.
and the peace that it brings.
but the other day, the thought of
putting up my christmas tree came to me.

yes, it’s way too early.
and no, i never wanted to put it up this early before.

i wrinkled my eyebrows with the thought.
the ‘rules’ of seasons were squarely on my shoulders.

and yet,
there was definitely a part of me that wasn’t convinced.
and was workin’ on unsquaring those rules of mine.

and then!
i saw a friend post a photo of his house decorated in lights!
he had begun the holiday early!
now, okay, to be fair –
he is playing buddy, the elf, in the play, elf.
and so he’s probably totally in the mood.
that all makes sense.

but when i commented,
i saw someone else was commenting almost at the same time –
that she was feeling the same thing i was –
she never put the tree up til after thanksgiving,
but was feeling the pull now.

when i mentioned that i was too,
she said she’d been hearing that a lot.
and then! when i commented on all this on the
bone sigh arts facebook page,
i found others were also feeling this!

i find that really interesting.

is it the light and the peace a tree brings?
maybe the weather is nice and cold?
maybe we’re all just a little weary and looking for a boost?
okay, not ALL of us.
i know this makes a lot of people really cranky.

which, i gotta say,
i don’t get.
you don’t have to do it.
but i don’t get the crankiness over early decorators.
isn’t it great to see people doing something fun and light filled?!
there isn’t anything negative about that.

this all delighted me and i thought hmmmm….maybe i WILL
do this earlier than usual!

but the best part –
absolutely the best part for me was my husband’s loving response
when i mentioned all this.
he just wanted me to be happy, and if it made me happy,
then let’s do it!

he’s really good about not having to follow rules.
i love that.

it’s been a hard few months here.
okay, maybe longer.
and yeah, i think that i need the light and peace a tree adds
to my living room at night.
and i think i’m gonna do this.
maybe next week.
maybe not.
i’m just going to do it when the timing works out.
which will have nothing to do with the calendar
and everything to do with when it feels right.

and i like that a lot.

if you listen and something inside you says ‘yes, this
will add to the peace here right now’ – how cool is it
to even HEAR that?! and THEN to have a partner encourage
you to act on it, and THEN to act on it.

well, yeah.
i like this a lot.
pass the tinsel – this will happen before too long!