‘expand your focus,’ he says

i went to two of my sons today
to get some thoughts from them.
i had something bothering me
and wanted to figure out how to use it to grow.

i honestly just didn’t know how.
or what to do with it.

later, i plan on asking my other son
and my partner.

i think every single one of ’em will have
something valuable to offer.
which is so darn cool, isn’t it?
to have people to go to and say ‘this is buggin’ me.
how do i take it and learn from it? what do i do with it?’

well, that right there is a gift.
and then what you get back….ohmygosh.

one of the things that was said stands out
as something good to offer here today.

it’s  something i think i could use reminding of
over and over again – maybe we all could.

it was this –

‘expand your focus. make your awareness broader.
see the bigger picture. make your world bigger.’

i love these guys of mine.

that’s good isn’t it?!

when my world shrinks, i shrink.
and when i expand my focus,
this thing that was bothering me doesn’t seem so big.
actually, it seems quite small.

and the only way i can keep that feeling
is by keeping my awareness bigger –
by intentionally not shrinking to a smaller world.

i look at the candle lit on my desk.
lit for a friend who is really sick.
i look down at my healthy hands typing.

expand your awareness.
see the bigger picture.
make your world bigger.

and yet again, my sons make my world brighter.