ending the week with mark…

i figure we have to, ya know?

i read this in mark nepo’s
‘the book of awakening’ a few days ago.

there’s more.
but this is the part i wanted to share.

it started with a quote from Mochimasa Hikita –

‘Sincerity is that which flows out of your genuine innermost self.
Without this, honesty is mistaken and insufficient. It is like
trying to move in a boat without an oar.’

and then mark writes –

‘It is one thing to see accurately. It is another to allow
yourself to feel what you see with sincerity. And still another
to allow your actions in the world to be formed by both honest
seeing and sincere feeling.’

completely new thought to me.
i thought honesty was honesty.
and i just love this thought.

wanted to share.
seemed like good weekend stuff.
i actually emailed these quotes to myself!
want to play with them a bit.