don’t forget the FINDING part!

oh what would we do without our friends?!

so my buddy stopped by my blog that talked about
the ‘losing ourselves’ in the creation process.
(how that’s the beauty of it – that’s the part i like.)

but you know what that blog completely left out?!

my friend ever so gently slipped that in a comment she left.
and there it sat for me to find.

like the most beautiful present sitting there.

and when i saw it, i gasped in delight!


and my gosh, that’s a huge thing for me right now.
simply huge!

here i am talking about making really big life changes,
creating the life i want –
and i’m leaving out the part that i’ll find more of myself
through this whole process.

i keep thinking about being who i want to be as i work
on creating a new life. kinda trying to concentrate there.
i have been forgetting about all the discoveries that are waiting for me –
as long as i open to the actual act of CREATING.


good stuff, my friend.
good stuff.

high five!