doin’ the homework

if you didn’t see the image
for yesterday’s blog,
well…i was gonna say,
go check it out.
but why don’t i just put it
at the bottom of the post here?!

so if you missed that,
check it out at the bottom here.

this really happened.
this really was something my imaginary
friend suggested to me.
and well, okay…
he didn’t actually give me a homework assignment,
he just suggested i try it.

and OH. MY. GOSH.

i have tried it.



it has been incredible.
i have done it twice now for two difficult situations.
and wow, it has helped keep me mindful,
and helped me really focus on who i want to be.
it has helped my mental state so incredibly much!

i’m not kidding.

i am combining this with some other ‘mind stuff’ that
i’m trying – just really observing my mind and working
on letting things go.

between the two, i am feeling pretty darn excited
about how far this just might take me into living
with deep freedom.