there are a lotta different directions
as we journey along this life,
aren’t there?

it was on my walk this morning that i began
to really think about this.

i went out specifically to find joy.
that was my goal.
it doesn’t take long to realize that i can’t find it
if i’m looking AT.

is that even a direction?
that was the first one i noticed.

i was lookin AT world stuff.
AT what someone said or did.
AT the heavy, never ending nagging things
that can (but don’t have to) make up a day.

at clogs the joy pipes for sure.

but when i looked UP i was immediately transformed.
up can be the sky/heavens or it can just be a productive/
positive/healing direction. UP totally opens the joy pipe.

UP is a good one to go towards.

then i thought about ‘in’ –
for me, in is a lot like at.
in is a certain shallow level. where you get tied in knots
about STUFF. in is where your mind whirls and spirals.

but INSIDE is a completely different thing.
that’s the deeper spirit/mystery area.
inside and within go together for me.

which brings me back to UP.
up and within are the same thing.
up, within and inside are all very calming centering places.

out can be just like at.
rarely, but sometimes, it’s like up.

i got to thinking about all this and grinning.
they make such a difference.
and my words won’t be the same as another.
another person can have completely different ideas
about what direction these words are pointing.

which brought me to LISTEN.

listen – the realest most purest form of listen
is completely the same as UP or WITHIN.
listen opens doorways to heaven.

LISTEN, i thought.
listen for the directions you decide to go in,
listen for what your words are actually saying to another,
listen for another’s heart and their directions,

choosing our directions carefully….
yes. that seems like a worthy thing to do.