digging thru the gold

it’s no secret i’m one of the world’s biggest mark nepo fans.

i have most of his books,
and quote him often.

i remembered he had an insight about something
that i have been confused about most of my life.
and yeah, something that huge – and i forgot it.

so i decided to dig thru his books and see if i could bump into it.


that’s like finding a needle in a haystack –
he has SO MANY INSIGHTS that i have treasured.
and so many things i have underlined.
so i got lost in a sea of mark’s books.

and no, i haven’t found what i originally was looking for,
BUT i sure am enjoying the search!

i decided it would be nice to share one of those nuggets today.
but which one?

finally, after many choices, i settled on this one.
the depth in this takes my breath away.

‘How do we begin to inhabit our destiny of being here?
I believe it starts with reverence and listening,
with honoring every bit of life we encounter.’

he goes on, of course,
and writes about that.
but i think that right there is a thought that every
single one of us can toddle off with and really ponder.

immediately i thought of something in my own life
that this inspires me to be more aware of,
to listen deeper to, and to hold with more reverence,

and so, i offer this to you today.
maybe it’ll do the same for you.