digesting it all…

i had an experience last nite
that seemed way helpful in some
healing i need to do.

when i went to bed, i was tired,
but on the verge of joyful.
i could feel some BIG stuff happening.

and then this morning,
i didn’t feel well.
been wondering if i’m getting sick.
stomach’s unsettled.

and the timing is totally interesting me.

let’s face it,
if you get the stomach flu,
you know it.
and i don’t know it.
i keep wondering.
so it’s not that.
maybe i ate something that didn’t sit well.

or maybe there really is a whole lot for me
to digest from my experience last nite.
and while it did make me joyful,
not all of it was good.

and i’m really really curious if today
i’m feeling that.

i’ll never know.
cause how can you know?
but i’m treating it as if that’s the case,
and being really careful and gentle with myself.
reminding myself that this is big stuff,
deep inside,
and just being compassionate with my heart.

and that in itself feels so healing.

body mind and spirit – i know they’re connected.
i’m feelin’ it today.
maybe not in the best way –
and yet, it’s so darn awesome, i can’t help
but feel intrigued and inspired.

if you can feel it in this not so great way,
you can absolutely feel it in wonderful ways!