different words different angles

just the other day
i wrote about ‘glory.’

it’s a newish word for me.
not that i never used it before.
but the way i used it.
as in finding the glory.
and spaces for glory to win.
i used it opposite of tragedy.

you could fill in other words.

the thing with words is they give me angles to look at things.
this gives me another angle of looking that’s very similar to
other ways i’ve looked at things before. but because it’s a wee
bit different, sometimes i can see a wee bit more.

since i had this thought with glory,
i have been thinking hard about things that i’m doing.
asking myself ‘where’s the glory’ in what i’m doing.
it’s like asking myself ‘what’s my highest good here?’
which i have done before.
same thing.
but different.

and i just love different angles.

so i’m playing with this one now.

how do i make space for the glory to show up?
that’s the best question so far!
isn’t that delicious?!

thought i’d offer it in case you wanted to play with it too!