different…..not better…

it was one of those sentences
that came up in a conversation today.
one of those that makes you go –
ooooohhhhhh yeah.
good point.

altho, i guess it depends on the context
you hear it in –

i can see people going – ‘wait a minute!
don’t put yourself down!’
and, no, this isn’t about putting yourself
down. it’s about not putting someone else
down as well.

and as usual, it was nice and basic.

it was this –

‘you’re different. not better. not worse.
just different.’

and the person i was talking to was big
enough to hear that and say they were
going to look and see if they’d been acting
as if the other person was less than.

which i thought was way cool.
i love it when we’re strong enough to
look at ourselves.

and, so, of course,
i had to flip that line on myself as well.

and i wish we all would.

the first public place that comes to mind
is politics. and then the list goes on and

but i’m thinking if we all just started
with ourselves….knowing those who were
different than us weren’t less than…..
well, that’d be an awesome place to start.

you’re different. not better.
they’re different. not worse.

seems pretty basic, right?
but maybe we all need reminders in the
basics here and there.