full moon

walking out of the house,
my mind was like an old metal government desk –
nothing sturdy or fresh about it.
stacked with mountains of folders stuffed with
paper after paper.
bold type alerted the reader to urgent matters,
one after the other, after the other after the other
while different papers were covered in words too small to read.
lost in the dust, i was unaware of the weariness.
until i saw the moon.
it is with her i understand love at first sight.
it is with her that i instantly lose myself and become myself.
it is with her that my heart spins centered.
this morning, it was with her that i understood why she comes
to me full and sits with me.
i finally grasped the science of it.
for in her fullness i can bring my fullness and sit with her.
and nothing is as healing as a full moon.
this she knows.
this she offers.
it is with humbleness i accept her invitation and walk with her.
sit with her.
and fall in love once again.
© Terri St. Cloud
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