Maybe It's Time

maybe it's time to take care of yourself.
maybe it's time to scream out loud
that you don't have the answers
and you just plain can't figure out what it's all about...
but you're in this for the full ride.
maybe it's time.
Maybe it's time to stop doin' the half ride.
maybe it's time to step into it all.
to weep your guts out.
to hurt all the way to your core.
to allow the hurt to be there.
maybe it's time to embrace the love
and believe in it even tho it's not always perfect...
but it is always right.
maybe it's time to shout out to your depths that you do matter
and you will do all in your power to live healthy.
maybe it's time to stop just getting through, just surviving.
maybe it's time to grab the gift you've been given.
and celebrate every piece of it -
including the pain that brought you here.
maybe it's time .
forget the maybe...and know it..
it is time.
© Terri St. Cloud

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maybe it's time
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