she came to me

as i held my head in sadness,
she came to me.
our hair mixing together
as her face touched mine.
grateful for her presence,
i leaned against her and listened
as she whispered of my sorrow.
'to watch them close themselves
to beauty and light
living with the burden of darkness,
weighs so very heavy on you.
but you cannot change what is not yours.
use this to see the importance of a life
open to magic and love,
of a life greater than the boundaries of you,
of life lived with light as its force.
understand now that you must step deeper
and deeper into these as this is all you have
the power to do.
and this, my child, will take all the power
you have.
use this to understand.
use this to drive you further,
deeper -
into your heart.'
© Terri St. Cloud
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