I Want

i want to really really live.
i want to laugh til my stomach
tightens so much that it aches
and my legs hurt from my slapping them.
i want to cry from my gut
and let the tears wash me
to where i need to go.
i want to hear the singing of my heart.
and let the sounds echo inside me
and i want to dance to that music.
i want to fill with compassion
and touch someone's face so gently
that they can feel the caring
in my fingertips.
i want to love so deeply
that my cells vibrate with it
and just standing near me
you can feel the buzz of the vibrations.
i want to know that i'm worthy
and good and i want to leave self doubt
on the highway.
i want to touch the sky
and recognize my soul in it.
i want to walk in the rain
and drop to my knees in gratitude
for this gift of life i have been given.
may i never ever forget what a gift it truly is.
© Terri St. Cloud

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