so in my new year fervor to better myself,
i made a commitment to work with visualizations
to do some inner healing.

in this morning’s visual,
something caught my interest and i’ve been
wondering about it.

i asked over on the bone sigh arts facebook page
for people’s thoughts as i wanted some good food
for thought. and i got some!

the question is –
why would i (anyone) hide my hurt from someone else?

in the visual, i saw how i couldn’t show my hurt
to someone who had hurt me deeply.

that’s not news to me.
i knew i couldn’t.
but i think it was the first time i ever wondered why.

protection came to mind at first.
seems like the obvious answer.

but it felt like there was more there that would
be helpful to sift thru.
but i didn’t know what.
so i thought i’d jump start the process and ask!

the very first response i got, helped right away
as she commented on the different angles of protection.
i hadn’t even thought much past the word.
let alone, what exactly was i protecting.
and if there was even more than one angle to it all.
and yes, my gosh, think there are many!

there were lots of answers that were helpful in making
me think, but probably the ones that hit home the most
were the ones that mentioned they didn’t feel their
hurt would matter to the other person.

ahhhh i hadn’t thought of that.
and that seemed to fit in nicely and seems to be
something to definitely sit and think about.

and then the one that will be so nice to pull out
after i do a whole lotta sifting, thinking and pondering –
that it’s a choice we make if we’re going to show it or not.
it’s a choice.

of course it is.
but how often do i forget that?

all of this feels like gold to sift thru.
and will be really interesting to take into some of these
visualizations i’ll be working with.

thought i’d share just in case anyone else had a little
journeying with this stuff to do…..