so i was cleaning through all my creative stuff.

organizing as best anyone can a buncha odds and ends.
paint and paper and material and sewing stuff and clay
and clay stuff and soap making supplies and…
well, you get the idea…
there was a LOT of creative goodies to organize.

and i got to thinking about the whole concept of ‘creating.’

i love to make all kindsa things.
but not really for whatever it is that gets made.
it’s more of the play involved in the making.

did you read that?

‘it’s the play involved in the making.’

that’s what it is for me!

‘play’ might not always be the right word.
i don’t know what word really covers it?
‘freedom’ comes to mind.
forgetting yourself.
stepping outta yourself.

that kinda thing.

and i’m finding this really interesting to type
because before i started typing this,
i had also got to pondering about what it was
that i REALLY wanted to create.

and i was thinking about how just living your life
was such a beautiful act of creating.
and maybe that’s where our greatest art is.
in the creation of our lives.
and maybe THAT is what i really want to create.

and now….put that thought with this other thought
about the process – the forgetting yourself, stepping
outta yourself, playing…

well gosh.

i like this.

i can tell you this –
i have been too caught up in myself,
in the world, in stuff i don’t want to be caught up in.
and i can tell you that it’s getting in the way of really
creating what i want.

my husband just left for the day.

i think i’ve got some playing i gotta do –
and some releasing i gotta do –
and some gettting outta myself i gotta do –

and i just got handed a good hunk of quiet time
to do it in.

let’s go!