Inner Child Offering

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We can never fail if our goal is to travel.
It’s our journeying that grows us
and what we find on the way only adds to that journey.


Parts of Ourselves (Two)

I believe these parts are not separate,
that they all make one person.
And yet, somehow, they are pieces we can connect with as if they were separate.

Writing it out (Four)

So between what was coming out and how it looked,
I was floored.
I had definitely discovered something inside myself.

Let’s Go! (Five)

Be totally honest – “Are you out there? This is so weird to me and kinda scares me,
but I would like to know if you’re there. Are you?”

Journal Questions (Six)

You can just kind of open an awareness to this possibility inside of you
and keep the intention there for your next time you sit down to try this.

Feelings (Eight)

Wouldn’t it be something to just be able to tune in
and converse with your inner child while in a crowd with
no one around you having any idea what you are up to?!

Right Out Loud ( Twelve)

I have sat more than once feeling sheepish and silly
trying to explain my inner child to people in my life.

Grief (Nineteen)

Believe in yourself. You are up for the task.
Believe in your inner child, there’s wisdom there waiting.

Disappointment (Twenty)

I can truly get off-the-scale-sad about it.
Which is a great way of noticing it’s not just ME that’s disappointed.

Buttons (Twenty-One)

try to remember that you’ve hit a button and that learning to work with this,
learning to walk thru it and look at it, and ask yourselves questions about it,
will help that button shrink.

Wrapping it up…(Twenty-Three)

What matters is that we keep exploring in the ways that feel right to us.
And that we keep aiming towards deeper and deeper self love.