when i was a kid
we used to travel up ‘north’
to visit family.

the thing i loved most about it was that
their colors were different there.
and i loved them.
they had the blue spruce.
and just blueish greens that made
my insides gasp.

i always thought that’s just the way it is.
‘they’ have got it.
‘we’ don’t.
and unless i move up north,
that’s the deal.

the other day on my walk,
i stopped and stared at the cattails.
they had that blue green!
they had it!

something i’ve noticed about these cattails –
they change color all season long.
they are never the same.
toss in the different angles of light –
and they give off quite a show if you’re looking.

well, that morning, they had the color that i love so much!

and i thought – ‘wow. look at that. you’ve got the colors, terri.
you’ve got them. you just gotta look.’

yeah, i know that it really is a bit different.
and different places have different looks.
but maybe….just maybe…if you’re longing for something,
all you gotta do is look a little harder.
maybe you’ll find it.

maybe that’s what those ever changing cattails
were telling me…