and is it not the perfect season
to be sitting with someone you love
talking about changes?

one thing’s for sure –
changes are happening constantly –
with our consent or without.

it’s how we go along for the ride
that matters.

it’s how we go along for the ride
that creates our happiness.

it is such a blessing to have someone
close by who understands what a particular
change means to you. who can roll their
eyes and stomp their feet right along with you.
all the while knowing that it is what it is
and you gotta get a grip.
or is it you gotta let go of your grip?

sometimes, like the seasons, things roll
along back to where you started – more or less.
and sometimes they just don’t.

it’s in the releasing.
the saying ‘i don’t know what’s ahead, let me
find out.’
the opening.
the belief that good can come.
the understanding that magic exists that hasn’t
been experienced yet.
it’s all these things that can keep us moving
forward thru those changes we just aren’t too
sure about.