change the words a bit…change your life a lot…

i was walking and thinking.
always a wonderful combination.
and i realized that if i changed some words
in my thoughts, i could change some pretty
big things inside me.

i was remembering some stuff in my life that
really created some wounds. i was remembering
it for what it DID TO ME.

and as i walked, i thought about it.
and i thought…..okay, so it did that.
put that part down.
and go for this part –

don’t make it about what ‘It did to YOU.’
make it ‘what I get from IT.’

just a few words different, and a complete
and total different outlook.
from victim to victor in a moment!

i really really liked that idea.

so what DID i get from it?

well, i got that there are people that really
are cunning and all about themselves. and
it won’t matter what you do, unless you give
up who you are, you can’t satisfy them. and who
knows, that prolly wouldn’t even do it.

and i won’t give up who i am.
and they won’t give up trying to take that.

so i need to stay away from that.
the old ones who have tried.
and the new who want to.

and if they can’t be avoided, i need to know what’s
going on and stay clear in my belief in myself.
or i have no business even going near them.

and now i know a bit more of what those people
look like. i’ve learned. that’s something i’ve gained.

and then, i couldn’t help it.
i pictured three people who have hurt me thru
this very kinda thing.
they came to mind immediately.
and i pictured them with foxes tails.
the tail being the symbol that they were just there
to eat me.

the first one i pictured wore her tail with pride
and swished it around for all to see. she didn’t hide
it at all.

the second person i pictured tried to hide it in his
jeans. but it still stuck out and his fox-like soul
dripped off his words. he couldn’t keep it in. but
he certainly tried.

and the third person i pictured hid her tail perfectly.
you couldn’t see it at all. you had to watch her slyness
come out in her eyes. and it did indeed flash thru for
you to see if you were looking.

all three types have come thru and taken bites outta
my soul.

but ya see……..that’s what they DID to me.
and i can put that down.
that’s old news.
over. done.
and i wanna move on.

now if i’m gonna take what I get out of IT,
then i gotta know i’ve learned a lot.
a whole lot.
i can see the foxes now.
i really think i can.

but i’m not so sure i always pay attention.

for various reasons, i still let foxes in.
and THAT is where i need to grab more power.
that is where i need to pay more attention.
and when i do, i can say i got some really awesome
powerful stuff outta those old wounds.

i think i’m ready.
really ready.

and it feels good.
it’s not about what those wounds did to me right now.
it’s about what i’m gonna do with them that’s
giving me a pretty big tickle.

eat that one, foxes.
cause you can’t eat me anymore.