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July 21, 2016

wanna be exclusive?!

the weekly email keeps morphing and changing.
the latest change has been to make it a place that
offers exclusive deals to subscribers!

this has been quite fun for me
so will probably go on for awhile.

each week i’ve got a theme of something on my mind
and offer a deal that ties in with that theme.

it’s only offered in that email.
so if you’re interested,
come on over and sign up!
let’s get this fun rolling!


July 18, 2016

proud mama!

well, there’s big news in our family today!
mister noah is featured on the home page
of a way cool art site.

it is so wonderful to see his talent recognized,
and i couldn’t be more proud of him!

so i had to share!
go check him out –
that’s his stuff where they have ‘fire water air earth art’
that’s noah!

May 17, 2016

her life changed

recently, this thought came to me –
“the amount of fear you carry
and the amount of need for control
is in direct proportion to how much you
believe in yourself.”

i got really excited about this idea,
and decided i wanted to really work on my
self – belief. and i wanted to remind others
to do so as well.

that’s how this bone sigh came into being.

i would like to offer this print as a reminder to you
for your own journey to believing in yourself.
it’s free with any order over $25.
(just type in the word ‘believe’ in the additional comments box
when you order!)

let’s change our own personal worlds – and then let’s
change the whole wide world!




April 26, 2016

inner child e-course

i’m calling it an e-course so you have
some sort of idea of what it is.
altho, it’s not an e-course.
so you really don’t.

it’s an OFFERING.

it’s thoughts, ideas, things i’ve learned along the way
in trying to work with my own inner child.

i tried to put them together in a way that might help
you along your own journey.

it’s new! and it’s ready to go!
you can find it here.

inner child2small

April 25, 2016

RSS glitch!

hey, guys,
if you’ve signed up to get the blogs
in your email and they’re not coming,
well that’s cause there’s a glitch!

it’s not my guys who are fixing it.
it’s actually an outside company.
and because of that, i have no idea
how long it will take to get fixed.
but i wanted you to know that was what’s
goin’ on.

thanks for being patient!

April 18, 2016

new soundcloud stuff

people have asked me about creating art/writing.
and finally, after this last person asked,
i thought maybe i’d try to offer some short audio
that deals directly with that.

it’s five short audios talking about writing and
creating art and just feeling.

if you have any interest –
come on by and check it out!

October 26, 2015

our new weekly email!

zakk had the best idea and i’m so excited about it!
he suggested i gather all the highlights,
all the ‘bests’ of that week and then email them
out and share with everyone.

we’ll call it – ‘the week in a nutshell’
and mail it out on thursdays.

you can sign up for it here!

i’m going to try to get the first one out this week!