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April 1, 2019

a safe place

i just wanted a soft, safe place to land on the website
if you’re having a hard time.
they guys helped me come up with a new page.

i’ll be adding to it as i go along,
and hope that it can be a place to just
come and sit and hang out and feel like you’re not alone.

we’ve only just begun!
come on over and check it out if you’re in the mood.
you can find it here.
and you can also find the link to it in a banner
across the home page.

September 26, 2018

updated e-cards are coming!

i haven’t posted news in ages!
my gosh!

figured it was a good time to mention that
the e-cards will be getting updated! i thought
it’d be nice to have a few for the holidays to send.

did you even know we had e-cards?!
well, yes we do!
you can find them here.

be sure to come back soon and check out the new stuff!

April 19, 2017

reclaiming mother’s day!

let’s face it,
there’s a ton of people out there who
aren’t mother’s day fans.

there are too many angles to that day that can hurt.

there are women who wanted children but could never have them.
there are women who had to give their children up.
there are the people who had abusive moms.
there are the people who lost their children.
there are a million scenarios that cause pain.
and lots of ways to get hurt with mother’s day.

i felt bad about that and wanted to soften the edges.

so recently, i sat myself down with the intention of writing something
for the people who struggle with this day. (i have to kinda work ahead
of the curve here so i can have stuff ready on time.)

as i sat and wrote, i began to realize something.
it was dawning on me that we have been missing what is quite possibly
the most important mothering that there can be –

the mothering of ourselves.

ohmygosh. can you imagine if that was included in the celebrating
as well as truly encouraged in our lives?!

well, we gotta start somewhere, right?
so i figure bone sigh arts is a good place to start!

i created TWO prints designed to either work separately or as a set.
both are reminders that the love we’re looking for and need
is right inside us. and has been all along.

this feels really good to offer.
if you know someone who could use a reminder,
consider sharing this with them and letting them know
they’re not alone.
we all can be working towards a deeper self nurturing and self love.

you can see the images below.
click on the titles above each quote and you will be directed to their page on the website.
or search for them on the site under their titles – ‘mothering herself‘ and ‘there it was’.

 new prints
mothering herself

turning inward,
she knew,
it was time
to mother

there it was

there it was,
waiting for her.
the love that had never been given.
the love she had craves so much as a child.
finally, she could see it.
trust it.
believe it.
understanding it was hers to offer herself now,
she picked it up
and began to wrap it softly around her heart.




July 21, 2016

wanna be exclusive?!

the weekly email keeps morphing and changing.
the latest change has been to make it a place that
offers exclusive deals to subscribers!

this has been quite fun for me
so will probably go on for awhile.

each week i’ve got a theme of something on my mind
and offer a deal that ties in with that theme.

it’s only offered in that email.
so if you’re interested,
come on over and sign up!
let’s get this fun rolling!


July 18, 2016

proud mama!

well, there’s big news in our family today!
mister noah is featured on the home page
of a way cool art site.

it is so wonderful to see his talent recognized,
and i couldn’t be more proud of him!

so i had to share!
go check him out –
that’s his stuff where they have ‘fire water air earth art’
that’s noah!

May 17, 2016

her life changed

recently, this thought came to me –
“the amount of fear you carry
and the amount of need for control
is in direct proportion to how much you
believe in yourself.”

i got really excited about this idea,
and decided i wanted to really work on my
self – belief. and i wanted to remind others
to do so as well.

that’s how this bone sigh came into being.

i would like to offer this print as a reminder to you
for your own journey to believing in yourself.
it’s free with any order over $25.
(just type in the word ‘believe’ in the additional comments box
when you order!)

let’s change our own personal worlds – and then let’s
change the whole wide world!




April 26, 2016

inner child e-course

i’m calling it an e-course so you have
some sort of idea of what it is.
altho, it’s not an e-course.
so you really don’t.

it’s an OFFERING.

it’s thoughts, ideas, things i’ve learned along the way
in trying to work with my own inner child.

i tried to put them together in a way that might help
you along your own journey.

it’s new! and it’s ready to go!
you can find it here.

inner child2small