musings and ponderings…

March 6, 2018

more sharing…

i keep mentioning this vid to people i love.

and after a really stressful morning,
i watched it again.

it’s about 15 min. long.
if you can’t stay for the whole thing,
get yourself all the way to the end.
to the last 30 seconds or so –
somewhere around 14:53.
that’s my favorite part.

it’s charlie rose and interview clips with mister rogers.

it was quite fascinating knowing of charlie now and watching him,
and watching mister rogers and his entire being of calm.

i needed a reminder of what mattered this morning.
i needed some non-noise.
this vid gave it to me.

if you’ve got time for a break, stop on by!

March 1, 2018

watchin’ and learning…

the guys in my life teach me so much more than they realize. and yesterday, i was sitting in class learning from them once again.

my son was over to work on my car. i scooted up a stool, sat down to watch and asked a buncha questions.

while, yeah, i might kinda understand brakes a little bit more now…that’s not really the thing that i was being schooled in. what i was really interested in was the attitude and approach he was using to fix the car.

the confidence and the logic is just something i find beautiful…and a bit foreign. so i try over and over again to soak it up and learn about it.

my husband was out there as well and patiently explaining anything i wanted to know about. one of the things i wanted to know was how they know how much to tighten something. i know that i’ll tighten something, worry it’s not tight enough, tighten it some more, then worry it’s too tight. we talked of this for a bit, i heard about torque specs and such and among the things they said was you could feel the bolt was gonna break just before it broke. usually when it was too late. and you could tell they both had experience in this. and that they were fine with that. no. they weren’t just ‘fine’ – the were GOOD with it. it was part of the deal.

and sure enough, as if to prove this lesson, my son over tightened something and it broke. he felt bad. i did not. at all. and as time has passed, i am aware of just how glad i am that it happened.

because probably the best lesson i get from these guys with the mechanical stuff is things break. or things don’t work right and you gotta take it apart and try again. or something isn’t ever gonna work right unless you make a creative adaption on your own and you need to give that some thought and then do it. invent what you need to make it work.

i think i get so stuck on ‘what if it breaks?’ or ‘what if i mess it up?’ and they don’t. they say ‘well, then you fix it.’

and because of that answer right there, they are capable of anything.

and that’s what they keep teaching me.

yeah, maybe i’ll eventually understand how a car works. but what i really want to get down is how i work with the things around me. and the belief that if things break, i’ll handle it.

seems to me that attitude can get you anywhere.

my guys. they teach me so much.
i really want to be more like them when i grow up!

February 28, 2018

thumbing thru my notes…

flippin’ thru pages and pages
of writing the other day,
i found something i wanted to share.
i typed it out here so i would have it
all set to post.

and it disappeared.

so thought i’d just grab it again.

but it’s a different day.
and seems the same thing isn’t gonna
be grabbed on different days.

i kinda love that.

so i ended up grabbing a few things
i wanted to share. none of which was
where i started out from in the beginning…
which i like.


‘out there doesn’t matter right now.
in here does.’


‘there it was.
still there.
no matter how much it hurt
or what had died.
beauty was still there.
silently filling the sky.’


‘maybe when you really allow
the sorrows,
maybe something opens.
a way in.
a way in to a secret cave.
so secret you didn’t even know
it was there.’


smilin’ here.
delighted to share.
thanks for allowing me.

February 27, 2018

change your lens! thanks, dewitt jones!

a friend of mine shared this ted talk
on facebook yesterday.

i put it aside for my coffee break.
and when i watched,
my whole entire being felt relief.

my face was actually wet with tears
but it was a different kinda tears.
just tears of relief, i think.

i want to share this everywhere as it
feels so so so so so needed right now.

it’s long enough you need to set some time
aside for it. it’s good enough that you’ll
be glad you did.

come check out dewitt jones and his ted talkabout celebrating what’s right with the world!

February 26, 2018

the wells fargo wagon!

thank goodness for internet friends!

terri left a comment here last week
for the SHOWER!!!

are you kidding me?!

i have a little posty note pad i use
when i get OUT of the shower for any
really awesome thoughts that come to me
in there.

but to have a pad actually IN there?
ohmygosh…that i could write it down
right then, and keep on showering –
well –
THAT would be such a treat!

and yes, i actually have cut showers
short before to write something down.

so i am totally thrilled at this idea.

do you guys experience this?
i call the shower my ‘psychic phone booth’
because i get some really awesome thoughts
that definitely feel way beyond me coming
on thru into my little brain.

now, baby, i am so ready for them!
cause, yep! i ordered one!

and when i did, i thought, ohmygosh,
i want to give everyone i know one of these.

and then i remembered the amazon associates program
i just signed up for. i figured if i mentioned a book
here that i loved, i could put a link and anyone interested
might want to check it out thru that link, and it helps
me in the process. i was thinking about some of the awesome
books i love and want to share.

never occurred to me i’d be mentioning ‘stuff’ that i bought
and telling you guys about it. but what better thing to
start off with?! and!! i got the one that’s called ‘love notes’
cause i figure they’re love notes from the universe.

so that’s the one i’ll link here. i liked the love part.
can you imagine leaving little love notes to yourself in there
as well?! it’s still love month! let’s do this!

so, if anyone else is as excited about this idea as i am,
here’s the link to the love note pad

and then! another internet friend is on my mind.
when she waits for something i sent her, she always sends me this link.
i laughed this morning thinking of this – cause this is me today!
i’m waitin’ for that wells fargo wagon, baby!

smilin’! and clappin’!
thank you, terri!!
you just delighted me to no end!
and thank you po, for gettin’ me to sing the wells fargo wagon
when i’m excited to get something now!

February 23, 2018

leave it to mark twain!

we were talkin’ before goin’ to sleep.
and he told me this quote i had
never heard before.

and i asked him to say it again.

i lay there thinking about it.
and loving it.
and loving him for bringing this kinda
energy into my life.

and then i got up and wrote it down.

as i climbed back into bed,
i told him,
‘this is gonna be my blog tomorrow.’
he laughed.

i thought this was gold.
and something we could all hold on to.

i googled it to find out who said it.
mark twain!
but of course!

‘It’s not the size of a dog in the fight,
it’s the size of the fight in the dog.’

February 22, 2018


i woke up with a sore foot.
absolutely no reason i could think of
to cause the pain.
wasn’t pain with the sole,
or the arch or the heel,
but the top.

and then, as so often happens,
while in the shower,
i had a flash of insight.

i have been saying for DAYS i don’t know
how to stand in the world right now.

and suddenly the foot pain made perfect sense.

for me, certain body pains mean go listen and hear
what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

and so i sat.

so much came.

i thought i’d share this part –

February 21, 2018

oh yeah…

last nite i wrote myself a note.
it very simply said –
‘find the heart in everything you see.’

so simply stated.

this morning i walked.

took me half the walk to get the noise outta my head.

i walked until i could feel the wisdom of the morning around me.
and i gotta say, it took awhile.

it’s not until hours later i remembered the note.

so simply stated.
yet anything but simple to do.

what a compass tho.
i need these pointers right now.
direction givers.
cause the noise just doesn’t stop.
distracting me from who i want to be.

and so i hold this compass today and take it one step at a time.

February 20, 2018

goalin’ it…

when i’m strugglin’ with an issue,
i’ll either remember this question
or someone in my family will.
and they’ll ask me –
‘what’s your goal?’

that little question can affect so much.

in looking for ways to help a friend,
i came back to that question.
i wonder how effective it will be in
a tough situation like she’s got.

i know it can’t hurt.
and i’m thinking it could help a lot.

and in finding that for her,
i find it for me again as well.

i wonder.
the tougher the problem,
the more important that question?