catching up…

i was a bit behind in the daily readings
of mark nepo’s ‘the book of awakening.’

so i grabbed some quiet time and
caught up on a few days i had missed.

i’m so glad i did.
he had this wonderful thought that i loved.

you know that michelangelo quote about
carving so that whatever was in the stone
could be set free?

he may have more than one.
i just went and googled this one –

‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved
until I set him free.’

i just love that.

well, mark mentions how he (michelangelo) would
say his job was to carve away the excess, freeing the
thing of beauty just waiting to be released.

and mark mentions that perhaps that’s the job of
each one of us to do with our own selves.

kinda awesome nice, isn’t it?!

thought i’d share that thought.
i just wrote it in one of my journals.
i’d like to come back to that on a day
when i’ve forgotten.

let’s help each other remember!