Welcome to Bone Sigh Books

keeping me sane when my world was falling apart, it was the mixing of thoughts with color that saved me. creating piece after piece of what eventually became known as "bone sighs," i stumbled into a life's calling. thru the dying and death of one life, another was birthed.

bone sigh arts was born in the spring of 2002. the books have meandered thru the journey with a life of their own. at this point, they contain the words with no color. it is our hope that one day soon, we'll be offering versions with art right alongside here. for now, tho, we're trusting the words will reach those who will be touched by them.

there's something about the push of struggle that can take us places. there's something about the fact that we all have struggle that ties us together... and there's something about the hidden treasures along the way, that make it worth the trouble....if we can just hang in there...

it is with respect for that struggle, with belief in our connectedness, and with hope that one person's struggles can help another unearth their treasure, we offer these books to you.