birthday week

it’s kinda hard to believe that
i’ve waited until WEDNESDAY
to shout out about it being birthday week!

my gosh i’m slipping!
but! i’m here and i’m shouting now!

i’ll be 59 on saturday.
wow. wow. wow.
and while i dug my heels in when i turned 50 –
not at all sure about crossing that line to that
big of a number – i am dancing into 59!

each year – EACH year –
the gratitude gets deeper.
if it keeps going this way,
i can’t even imagine how i’ll hold it all when i’m 80!
well, if i get that far. which i’d very much like to do.

while presents will be fun and a treat,
it’s PRESENCE that has my attention.

my physical presence here on the planet.
and my mental presence here with each moment.

it has been the most beautiful spring here that i can remember.
each day the earth has gloriously sung out that it was here and it
was alive and bursting with good things.

that’s me today!
feeling so very grateful…….and singing about it.
here’s to birthday week.