‘being alive takes time’*

*that wonderful line comes from the end
of saturday’s entry in mark nepo’s
‘the book of awakening.’
(and yeah, i got a few days ahead of myself!)

i love that thought as it seems to me
that learning how to live – be alive –
sure is taking me a lotta time.
and this made me think ‘oh good. it’s not just me.’


i took a walk just before sunrise this morning.
i wanted to be out as the day arrived.
thing is, where the sun comes up right now
is right in front of my living room window.
so, after walking a bit,
i decided the best place to be was in my living room!

i pulled up a chair and watched.
spending a good amount of time watching the
tree branches play with the sky.
i even grabbed my glasses so i could get a clearer view.
there was this whole dance among the trees that captivated me.
all right there as the sun rose and lit everything up pink.

tonite i plan to spend some time outside by the fire bowl.
want to sit and kinda open to this partnering with the universe thing.
want to hold a dream i had last nite and see if its meaning
can make it thru to me as i watch the flames
and i want to just spend some time on this being alive stuff.

spring is coming.
both outside me
and inside me.

i want to stop and honor it
and listen.