appreciating your home, your life…

while driving with the man this weekend,
we drove thru a beautiful area –
lovely homes in beautiful settings.

every time i see an especially gorgeous home,
i think ‘i really hope they know what they’ve got there.’

and sure enough,
that thought went thru my head again as i we drove past a place of wow.

the idea of someone having all that and not appreciating it just gets to me.

in a flash,
i turned the thought on myself –
‘i really hope you know what you’ve got here, girl.’

in my home, yes.
but bigger than that too –
in my whole life.

‘i really hope you know what you’ve got.’
and for that moment, i just stopped and held it.
i knew.

it’s birthday week here for me.
and the gift of my life is big on my brain.

the focusing on the things that are missing or lacking is all too easy to do.
the seeing the gift that our life is takes more awareness, more focus.
at least, for me it does.

my gift is so huge.
i don’t know why it is i forget that sometimes.
but driving by those lovely homes this weekend brought me to the awareness that i so want to keep.

appreciating what we have –
such an important thing to do.
something i’m filled with today.
which feels perfect as i head into birthday week.