and the quiet came in…

i knew i’d be outta my comfort zone.
and i was.
i knew it’d throw me off.
and it did.

but even tho i knew it was coming,
and i knew why it was here,
it didn’t make it any easier.

i had been struggling for days
with seeing something as the good that it was.

i could hear the words,
understand the concepts,
but i couldn’t see it.

and then, this morning,
we lost power.

everything stopped.
changed course.
exercise was on hold.
work had to wait.
all was quiet.

i found myself sitting by my open kitchen window,
listening to the insects outside,

and in that time,
the quiet came and brought it to me.
what i needed to see.
she placed it down in front of me,
and then just stood back,
waiting for me to look.

and i did.
i looked over.
and i started to see.
i squinted to focus better.
i opened my heart to allow what was coming into view.
and for the first time in about a week,
i relaxed.

in the tail end of a heat wave,
our power went out
and the quiet came in.
and i finally, finally saw what i needed to see.