a way of life or living?

a way of life

i took a walk this morning
and a phrase popped into my head.

several times.

it was in response to some thinking i was doing.
i was thinking about how when i get afraid, i run.
maybe not literally run,
but more like my thoughts will run and run and run.
i won’t slow down enough to ‘be’ with the fear or the problem.
that kinda thing.

and the response inside me was ‘yeah, you can do that.
it’s a way of life. but it’s not living.’

great response, isn’t it?
i liked that.

then later, in thinking about something else,
a person i view as really unhealthy came to mind.
and i thought of how she lives her life.
and yep, right there, the phrase popped in again –

‘it’s a way of life, but it’s not living.’

oooh. there it is again, i thought.

so i just kinda held that phrase.
and fell in love with it.

it’s one of those things you can pull outta your pocket
and ask yourself if it fits whatever you’re doin’ at the moment.

i like things like that.
i like having this stuff to pull out and think on.

wanted to offer it to you as well.
just in case you like that stuff too.