a touch of magic in the air

so, my goodness,
have i forgotten the magic,
or what?!

i have been lost in the dreary.
but coming out of it with the idea
of relocating and the trip ahead for us.

but just now…
well NOTHING happened.
i’m laughin as i type this –
there’s not even a story of magic
that i can share with you…
nothing happened –

and YET!
i find myself wanting to type to you
and shout out –

and i gotta tell ya….
i can’t remember the last time i felt like this.


and something cool that is going on is
that i’m standing more and more in who i am
and what i want.

and trusting in that.

maybe it’s been a long time since i have really done that.

maybe so.
maybe just so darn so.

maybe you need to do that to remember the magic?

don’t know.
but maybe so.

i feel like a little kid here.
just excited that i can feel it again.
just excited that i actually REMEMBER it –
for real.

had to share.