a profound pause…

i know.
i know.
i’m not christian.
so i really should keep my nose outta good friday.

but that kinda thing never stops me.
i grab the holidays as i like
and make them what i want.

and good friday.
oh my gosh.
it feels like just the most profound pause to me.

a deep breath pause,
where i just stop and reflect on all the ways that
we extinguish the light in us and around us.

how all the ways we are our smallest selves can do such damage.

it’s not as negative as it sounds tho.
because pausing and taking note
remind me to work on being more aware.

on working on the everyday things that i do with intention
and thought.

and no matter how much you try to spread light around,
if you’re honest,
you’re gonna see places where you still dim it or put it out.
or, at least, that’s what i find for myself.

how beautiful to take some time and hold all that
and to turn towards growing the light…

so, yeah, good friday feels like one heck of a profound pause to me.

one i’m taking and holding.