a plan

i have the great joy, luck,
privilege and blessing
to be able to go out and
spend the night outside tonite!

it is a glorious day, and i’m working on finishing work
so that i can go to the woods.

i am purposefully trying to spend more time outside.
last nite, my husband and i sat in the back yard
and watched the day end together.

on days that i can both be out with the sun
while it rises and then again when it sets,
i am noticing that i feel so incredibly full.

i know that it will get too cold before too long
to be doing as much as i want to out there.
but while i can, i am gonna grab all the time possible.

i can actually feel a difference in myself in doing this.

and for the weekend, i want to do the leaf plan that’s in the
picture above! i want to pick up leaf after leaf and think of
something with each leaf that i’m grateful for.

let’s cover ourselves in gratitude this weekend,
and let’s absolutely breathe in as much outside as we can!