a (much needed) refresher

my focus had changed.
and not in a good way either.

i could tell because i was feeling out of control.

well, then, terri,
why don’t you turn to what you can control?!


oh yeah, me.

‘clean your room, terri.’
‘get your house in order.’
that kinda thing.

which all brought jordan peterson to mind.
this is the stuff of his offerings.
if you haven’t read his ’12 rules for life, an antidote to chaos,’
i highly highly highly recommend it.
i believe it’s my all time favorite book.

he has a definite tone.
it’s not the gentle, poetic writing of mark nepo, for sure!
so don’t go in expecting that!
i know it helped that i had heard many of his lectures first.
i could actually hear his voice through the whole book.
he makes me laugh – he’s about intense as they get!
and i love that.

so i grabbed his book.
i was kinda looking for one particular thing –
and i never found it.

instead, i found a ton of other gems i needed.

the very ending of the book is one of the best endings
i have ever read.

he tells the story of acquiring a ‘pen of light’ –
it’s a pen with a light on it so you can write in the dark.
he sees a friend with one and ends up asking for it!
he loves the symbolism of a pen of light.
and asks really huge cosmic questions with it and gets
immediate responses that he writes back!

i can just feel the zippy energy running through that part of
the book. i love the questions and the answers.

he reminded me to not only grab my self responsibility back,
but to also look up and keep my eyes focused on goals that
truly matter to my soul.

feelin’ a little outta control?
well, i would remind you of what jordan just did for me –
all you can control is yourself. and that in itself is plenty of a job
to keep you busy, and while you’re at it, keep your eyes on the things
that add meaning to your life and who you want to be.

do that and life changes.

apparently i’m gonna have to do this over and over and over again.
but that’s okay.
cause each time feels pretty darn exciting.

once again, thank you, dr. peterson!