a morning walk

ohmygosh, it was one of the most beautiful
mornings ever! i went out to take a walk, and
practically ran to start off with because it
was so wonderful out there.

and as i walked, i noticed the trees.
‘what are they doin?’ i wondered.

sometimes the trees whisper.
sometimes they sing.
sometimes i watch them bend over in laughter
from jokes between them.
sometimes they just know.

but this was different.

so i watched.

there was SUCH energy in the tree tops that
were just goin’ to town in the wind. they felt
so strong – and filled with aliveness.

‘they’re celebrating!’ i thought.

and i just walked and watched and listened
and smiled.

at one point, one reached down and grabbed
a ball of sadness right out from inside me.
just grabbed it like a volley ball and tossed
it to the tree next to it. and there, in the
tops of the trees was my big ol’ sadness boppin’
from tree top to tree top.

it amazed me because it felt perfect.
if someone took something that you were feeling
heavy about and started tossing it around,
it could feel kinda almost irreverent or something.
but this felt so right.

somehow it reminded me –
sadness is all part of the game.

i knew i could leave it up there for awhile and
that would be perfectly cool.

and then it started getting light out.
and it felt as tho the trees were aware of this,
as if they knew they’re secret play time was
coming to an end.
that now there would be more people coming out
and that the celebratory time was for the dark,
with just a few who might notice what was going on.

i headed home.
filled with their energy.
and feeling so grateful i got to witness the
celebrating of a new day and another chance to
play the game of life.