a mind of their own…

so i walked.
and i heard wisdom.
and i grinned.
and told them to come on out
and walk with me…

my imaginary friends popped right out
and joined in my morning walk with the stars.

there were two really cool things they told me.
so i thought i’d share –

they spoke of running.
not of the jogging kinda running.
but of the running from things that scared you.
they said running was okay.
but if you kept it up, it’d be too exhausting.
and that maybe really all you had to do was turn around
and look at what you’re running from.
maybe it isn’t even really there.

anyone running?
maybe it’d be worth a try to turn around and look?

the other thing came from mr. bun (short for ‘abundance’) –
you can count on him to bring the angle of abundance
into absolutely anything you’re pondering.

he pointed out to me that there is an abundance of points of view,
or places that people are coming from when they interact with you.
and yes, there may have been one or two or more that completely
clobbered you, knocked you flat, beat you up good. yep. they may
have happened. and they may have left one heck of a big impact.

but! they are NOT the ONLY ones out there!
the tendency can be tho, to BELIEVE that’s it –
that those rotten interactions are the core of all interactions.
and that belief can get really stuck way down deep inside.

and what a disservice that is to ALL THE OTHER points of view out there.
that even at the very moment you were getting knocked flat by
the rotten stuff, there was still other NON rotten stuff all around you.
but you couldn’t see it, cause you were busy tryin’ to survive the punch
you had just gotten.

there is an abundance of love for us.
and there is an abundance of hurt.

but you don’t want to close down to the love because of the hurt.

just reminders, i guess.
but ones i really liked this morning.
so thought i’d pass them along.